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Food Chat with Kevin and Ilana R.D.

Nov 21, 2019

Ilana shares a wealth of tips on how to manage cravings and mindful eating through the holidays. She coined this concept of XYZ eating to explain the process of thinking about food. 

X- what happened prior to eating (stressful day, not enough sleep, etc.)

Y- the actual eating 

Z- the feelings you have after the food...

Oct 3, 2019

I want to help you in any way I can. Please let me know if this is valuable to you by taking a screen shot and tagging me to your instastories. I love you all, let's crush this quarter #paceandpass

Sep 11, 2019

In this podcast, Kevin and Ilana prepare for Kevin's upcoming food festival, break down the layers of a breakfast sandwich, talk homemade brownies, and eat El Salvadoran comfort food. 


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To see if imperfect produce delivers to...

Aug 26, 2019

This is a quick talk for Ilana reflecting on the mindset aspect of weight loss from her client sessions. She takes some detours along the way but shows how making changes to your routine, like planning to eat chocolate and thinking more positively can lead to improved weight loss results. 

Join her in her next diet bet...

Aug 16, 2019

In this episode, Kevin and Ilana talk all about:

- Brioche buns and breakfast sandwiches

- Bunless burgers

- Meat vs. Vegetarian meals at different times of the day 

- Acid reflux and of course, 

- The sometimes deep and twisted self-sabotage cycle that is just so hard to explain and change 


Restaurant links:...